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Purple Horse (A.K.A Mindset Matters)


A young child’s mind has no boundaries – boxes can be castles, raindrops can fill you with superpowers, horses can be purple - anything seems possible. Then they enter school. In many systems, kids are primarily taught how to score the “A”, cramping the true creativity and innovation we need to progress through today’s pressing social, environmental and economic climates.

A school program - once considered too radical - is now spreading through schools and handing the baton back to the kids. They are in the driver's seat, but memorization won’t help them this time. There’s no right answer on this page.

Purple Horse follows four students and their journeys as each is pushed to confront a deep personal challenge – stage fright, focus, social acceptance and academics. They are set free to grow and learn to think as innovators, a mindset that can truly pivot their futures…and ultimately ours.

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  • Nominee Best Musical Score
    in a Documentary, Leo Awards


  • Nominee Best Editing in a
    Documentary Program, Leo Awards

Directed by:  

Edited by: 

Produced by:


Tanya Maryniak

Tanya Maryniak

Laurie Case, Tanya Maryniak, Charles Chang

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